Welcome to Professional Business Supplies Ltd , our aim is to save you money.

Why pay cost Consultants or cost Reduction Analysts who charge up to 50% of any saving they provide on office supplies purchasing?.

PBS guarantee to reduce overall expenditure on office products and provide comprehensive analysis AT NO EXTRA COST.

PBS analysts review the overall cost involved in purchasing office products (from print to furniture) including the obvious"product price" but also hidden costs of placing & processing orders, as well as stocking and paying for goods.

PBS can implement a procurement system to ensure cost savings.

Hidden costs include:

  • one or more phone calls for price
  • the cost of faxing or posting Purchase orders
  • the cost of receiving invoices and matching with delivery notes
  • the cost of processing each transaction either by cash books or computer
  • the cost of raising a cheque

Your facilities are streamlined to ensure dramatic cost reductions through our exclusive service.